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20'x6' Box Culvert
Panhandle Concrete Products produces a wide variety of box culverts.  These boxes range in size from 2'x1' to 20'x10' and bigger.  We can build traditional single cell boxes, dual cell boxes, & three sided boxes.

All boxes are designed and engineered to your specific loading requirements and fill depths.  These boxes will meet ASTM and AASHTO standards.

All boxes are constructed of a 7,000 psi (28 days) concrete mix.  This mix has a one day strength of 3,000 psi.  The seven day strength is 5,000 psi.

Each box undergoes strict Quality Control Inspection.  These include: Pre and Post Pour Inspections, Dimension Check, Reinforcement Check, Joint Test Fitting, and Concrete Testing.

Panhandle Concrete Products' precast box culverts will reduce construction time.  This in turn reduces road/lane closure time and detour time.  All these factors add up to reduce costs to Contractor and lower final project cost to Owner.

Box Culverts are the a great solution for Highway Bridges, County Road Bridges, Irrigation Channels and Bridges, and much more.  

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